Welcome to Becca’s Barkery Wet Nose Gallery. Take a minute to check out some of our furry friends. It’s sure to make your tail wag and put a smile on your face! We’d love to hear from you too, so drop us a line at info@beccasbarkery.com and include a picture of your furry person and we’ll post it on our Gallery pages!

Bennie Wants YOU!
Favorite Becca's Biscuit: Bacon, Egg & Cheese

This hide-n-seek game is not working!

Gertrude is a dashing dame! Notice her stylish Harley Davidson Collar – she's a biker chick!
Favorite Becca's Biscuit: Gingerbread and Oinkers – Softies style biscuits please!


Dylan – gotta love that mug!
Favorite Becca's Biscuit: Chicken, Blue Cheese & Apricot

Who couldn't love this face??!!!

Anyone got a stepstool?

Reindeer Tryouts

“Bob The Pug”
Favorite Becca's Biscuit: Peanut-Butter Bones

Isis is ready for spring showers!

Decko the Gecko
Favorite Becca's Biscuit: Veggie Bones

Isis in her Barncoat. She's quite stylish!
Favorite Becca's Biscuit: Peppuroni